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Moving to a new city?

We got you. 

We simplify relocation and help you live like a local in 1 month instead of 10.

Gullie AI leverages your personal profile to unlock the value of talent mobility.

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Gullie works with early & growth stage startups, remote workers & international students


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Why we built gullie

Relocation is tough. We've been there.

We started off with a mission to increase access to opportunities globally -- great relocation experiences should not cost a fortune.


We want anyone to be able to explore a new city with an ease of mind. Focus on what you love and do best, while we will sweat the small stuff.

We found a lack of a proper modern-day solution that can service an efficient and enjoyable move, and ensure people settle in well.

Gullie was designed to enable employers to mobilize talent at scale, and individuals to move with ease. Our AI-enabled solution gives anyone the power & visibility to track and manage their entire relocation process while optimizing for a cost-efficient and smooth move. 

Relocation for Teams
Go Global

For companies, Gullie acts as your 3rd party mobility arm to relocate talent.

The only full-stack platform for powering your talent mobility strategy—including

relocation package optimizing, housing, banking, insurance, visa and social support.

It takes 9-12 months on average for families to settle into a new city

Moving means rebuilding your life completely in a new city. With Gullie, we understand your background and plug you in to the right communities and support system -- reducing employee churns and failed relocations.


Relocations are expensive & lack clarity

The average relocation costs anywhere between $10k to $200k -- and often times this includes hidden fees and markups you don’t realize. With Gullie, we provide you upfront, transparent prices of the best deals from our partners. Manage & track all your spend from one platform.


Mountain of relocation paperwork and 50+ different conversations to manage

Emails with your visa lawyer, tax consultant, and the various options for shipping your furniture. Let’s not forget the 8 different apartments you reached out to.


Missing out on some of the important paperwork or forgetting to get your pet vaccinated can result in relocation delays of over a month. Now, how many conversations are you having again?

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Unlock Your Life

Whether you’re chasing a dream, relocating top talent or beginning a new chapter, we’re here for you.
Do your best work and leave the rest to us.


Employee-funded, self-directed moves so they can work from anywhere with ease.


Manage business trips better


Create an environment for happier & more creative employees

Your Move, In 5 Steps

Current Available In: Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New York City, San Francisco & Singapore

Have a city you're moving to but it's not listed yet? Reach out to us and we will see what we can do!

*All customers get access to Gullie's AI Mobility Consultant & personal WhatsApp support,

access to our partners & preferred rates & invites to our curated community events

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