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Gullie moves talent across borders 3x cheaper and faster -- Personalize, manage & execute relocations from one place. 

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Why we built gullie

Relocation is tough. We've been there.

We started with a mission to increase access to opportunities globally.  Focus on what you do best, while we will sweat the small stuff.

We found a lack of a modern-day solution that can service an efficient and enjoyable move while ensuring people settle in well.

Gullie was designed to enable employers to mobilize talent at scale. Our AI-enabled solution reduces human error, and gives anyone the power & and visibility to track and manage their entire relocation process while optimizing for a cost-efficient and smooth move. 

Relocation for Teams
Go Global

For companies, Gullie acts as your 3rd party mobility arm to relocate talent.

The only full-stack platform for powering your talent mobility strategy—including
relocation package optimizing, housing, banking, insurance, visa and social support.

Reduce human error with automated paperwork & streamlined threads

Emails with your visa lawyer, tax consultant, and the various options for shipping your furniture. Let’s not forget the 8 different apartments you reached out to.


Missing out on some of the important paperwork or forgetting to get your pet vaccinated can result in relocation delays of over a month. Now, how much are you trying to juggle again? 

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Increased process visibility & optimized spend

The average relocation costs anywhere between $10k to $200k -- and often times this includes hidden fees and markups you don’t realize. With Gullie, we provide you upfront, transparent prices of the best deals from our partners. Manage & track all your spend from one platform.


Improved relocation experience and reduced employee churns

It takes 9-12 months on average for families to settle into a new city, and about 40% of relocations fail. Moving means rebuilding your life completely in a new city -- that's tough. With Gullie, we understand your background and plug you into the right communities and support system -- reducing employee churns and failed relocations.


Unlock Your Life

Whether you’re chasing a dream, relocating top talent or beginning a new chapter, we’re here for you.
Do your best work and leave the rest to us.


Employee-funded, self-directed moves so they can work from anywhere with ease.


Reduced human-errors, automated workflows & integrated payments


Create an environment for happier & more creative employees

Your Move, In 5 Steps

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